American Heart Association
CPR Certification
Due to AHA guideline & cost  
changes: I had to
change my
cost and prices

I will no longer be able to give you a
card at the time of the class. These
are new rules from American Heart. I
have to turn in my roster then I will
get the cards, this could take up to
3-4  weeks. I will give you something
proving that you took the course.

At this point there is only one way
I can certify you!

1). Take the online renewal test and do the skills
part with me.   
Online skills 22.00
My skills 35.00 cash  38.00 debit/credit
You must bring the online
completion certificate to me

AHA online elearning link

If these times are not good I might be able to
arrange to meet you (price goes up to 45.00.

Please be on time- Take directions with you,
I am in an accelerated nursing program and
cannot talk on the phone. Text me or email me
and please give me time to respond.

Skills only

June 30 - 4 or 5pm In Edmond contact me
July 3, Village Library- 10:30am contact me
July 11 - 11am in Edmond- contact me

At this point I can only teach the skills test.       
I have to be observed teaching an 8 hour BLS
course before I can teach.
Becky Rycroft
Personal Training
CPR Instructor
Boot Camps
Becky Rycroft     405 202-7039
If you plan on attending please RSVP either by email, call
or text. I work and  I have kids in sports so I cannot always
answer my phone so email or text is best.  I am with a client
before I arrive  I cannot always answer my phone.
Take directions with you please.
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