Floating Fitness
in swimming pools
            Floating Fitness
        Privates or groups
 these workouts are held in the pool

   booking now
reserve your spot
   1 hour - $70
 add $10 for each additional person

   Set up included entering your backyard though your
    gate with the floating mats inflated and staking the
     mats in your backyard.
  Setting up includes staking in the yard.  
  Set up could take 30 minutes.
   Pets need to be secured please.  
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Privates and group rates
Birthday parties
Office parties                                  

Mats and SUPs -250 weight limit  

1. mats will be anchored in the pool
2. you must be comfortable in deep water. No life jackets are worn.
SUP classes and rentals- lifejacket
  Looking for instructors to teach floating fitness classes!
Privates and groups