Training can be done at:.
*Hafer Park
*Mitch park
Bluff Creek (Murphey Park)
or the convenience of your own home!!!
(limited to Edmond & NWOKC)
(some fitness centers require memberships)

70.00 per hour
60.00 45 min.
40.00 1/2 hour
Buddy sessions -
add 10.00 then divide the cost

PREPAID PACKAGE SESSIONS buy 10 sessions get one free
Training sessions can be booked in many ways.
Private or groups!
I can train with you  5X’s, 3X’s and, 2X's a week,
1X a week or even once a month.
Train with a buddy and split the cost (add 10.00)
Whatever it takes!!

There are some great activities to choose from:
*Walking   *Running   *Swimming   *Cycling   *Interval training
*Boot camp classes   *Water Aerobics   *Weight training    
*HIIT training   *Core strength training    *Triathlon coaching  
*Swim stroke training  *Pilates - Mat & Reformer  *Barre

There is no “one size fits all” approach to training you to look and feel better.
I work closely with you to develop programs that increase strength, flexibility,
aerobic capacity, reduce body fat, and most importantly, improve self-image
and confidence.
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